7 Tips for Cleaning A Warehouse Floor

Warehouses are busy places where a lot of dirt accumulates as workers are performing their duties. If a warehouse floor gets too dirty, potential safety hazards can be created that must be logged. Employees could slip and fall due to a spilled liquid or trip over debris. Both customers and employees can benefit from a clean environment, especially workplaces that are open to the general public. If an area is cluttered and a customer or employee falls, they have the right to contact a legal professional and seek compensation for their damages. Keeping your warehouse floors clean will help to ensure that your warehouse maintains a safe working environment. If this is not a task assigned to an employed staff member, then hiring a professional commercial cleaning company may be in order.

When your warehouse floors are kept clean it also helps you maintain order as well to ensure that your operations can be conducted in a smooth manner. It is much more productive working in a facility where everything is free of clutter, organized, and clean. A clean workspace is also more pleasant for warehouse employees to work in.

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The following are tips for effectively cleaning your warehouse floors:

Use the appropriate cleaning equipment on your floors

The right cleaning equipment should be used to clean your warehouse floors.  An automatic floor scrubber is a useful type of industrial cleaning equipment. This machine is useful for cleaning spills and clearing debris from your floor. Although this type of machine is very useful, it is still recommended that you sweep your floors in case any critical areas are missed by the scrubber.

Storing cleaning materials close to employee stations can be helpful since it allows workers to help keep the warehouse clean. In the event of a spill, having cleaning materials close by will allow employees to mop the mess up rather than having to look for equipment. That will ensure the spills do not cause any slip-and-fall accidents or spread to other areas.

Choose the right time to start cleaning

Find the best time for starting to clean your warehouse floors. Usually, warehouses are very busy places that have around the clock active operations. You don’t want your cleaning procedure to interfere with your warehouse operations or vice versa. You can avoid this by having a regular cleaning schedule, which will track when your warehouse cleaning procedures occur.

Having a regular cleaning schedule will provide a regular timetable for your warehouse workers as well as the cleaning team to perform their job duties with minimal interference. Your cleaning crew can work during a time that is most active and when there is the last amount of activity in the warehouse. Establishing a cleaning schedule will also ensure that all of your floors are cleaned promptly and regularly.

Hire cleaners to perform regular maintenance

You should hire a professional cleaning team to perform regular warehouse maintenance and cleaning. Warehouses have employees working at all times of the day and night. That might mean they do not have enough time for cleaning. When you hire a professional cleaning team, they will ensure that your floors are kept clean. Your warehouse employees can focus on their work rather than cleaning. That is especially important during your busy times. Your professional cleaning team will be able to focus on cleaning the floors thoroughly at times when your warehouse is the least busy.

Sweep your floors before you scrub them

Make sure your warehouse floors are swept before they are scrubbed. It is important for all loose soils and dirt to be swept up from the floors before they are scrubbed. Most dirt in a warehouse is dry particulate soils. They can damage the surface of the floor and make them look dirty. When an automatic floor scrubber is used, it is important to first sweep the floors. Otherwise, it could result in dirt particles becoming trapped inside the scrubbing mechanism of the machine and could impact the machine’s performance.

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Thoroughly clean your warehouse floors

It is important for your warehouse floods to be cleaned thoroughly. When you clean as you go that helps to prevent dirt from accumulating on your floors. Encourage your workers to clean while they work. In the event of a spill, it should be cleaned up immediately in order to avoid further accidents or the accumulation of dirt. If there is any trash on your floor it should be picked up and thrown away so that the area is kept clean.

Most warehouse floors are made out of concrete. The concrete over time beings to wear out from the high amounts of traffic. As machinery such as forklifts travels over it, invisible damage is left behind on your floor. Over time, it becomes more apparent.

To protect your floors and ensure they stay in good condition over time, big rubber floor mats should be used. A concrete sealant can also be applied to your floor every few years to help prevent staining. Buffing the floors on a regular basis can also help to keep them looking good and shiny.

Promptly eliminate spills

Spills over occur in warehouses. It can be the result of spilled oil from machines such as forklifts. Spills can endanger your workers’ safety. To avoid having slip and fall accidents occur in your warehouse, spills should always be taken care of as soon as they are detected. You do not want to end up with a workplace compensation claim that is filed by an injured employee. Train your employees to always clean up spills as soon as they find them.

Clean your warehouse bins

Make sure to clean your warehouse bins on a regular basis. Overflowing bins inside a warehouse can cause a lot of dirt to be strewn around very quickly. Having full containers around poses the risk that dirt will overflow onto your warehouse floors. It is a big eyesore and also places employees at risk of tripping and falling over the trash and having it spread across the floor.

Emptying the bins on a regular basis will help to keep the warehouse floor clean. Bins should be placed in different parts of the works so that they can be easily accessed by employees without them having to walk long distances to throw away waste.

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