A Cleaner Office Kitchen

Top Tips to A Cleaner Office Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas/parts of the office. Almost everyone uses the kitchen for nearly everything, from getting drinking water (from the cooler) making a cup of coffee to playing catch-up with co-workers. It is also the one place that many of us keep our snacks (in the fridge) and warm our foods in the microwave. With many people coming in and out, it’s easy for the office kitchen to become messy and dirty in no time at all. A dirty kitchen can be a breeding place for germs and other nasty surprises, a reason you should strive to keep it as clean as possible. Outlined below are a few tips and ways to keep your office kitchen spotless all the time.

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The Countertops

Leaving the countertops cluttered will only make the kitchen seem dirtier than it is. For this reason, make a habit of keeping everything tucked in drawers and cupboards and away from the countertops. You could also use a small basket to hold items meant to stay on the countertops, say tea bags, coffee, or sugar. Other than that, the countertops should always be wiped down with almost nothing on them.

Take Care of The Smelly Garbage

While everyone will dispose of their leftovers and wrappings in the garbage bin, very few will feel the need to take the garbage out. The trash may thus remain in the kitchen for hours, if not days until someone decides to. However, removing the garbage bag doesn’t solve the issue completely; rotting odors continue to linger in the air. You can also prevent this by spraying pure vinegar or a disinfectant in the garbage can after each use. Be sure to do this each time the can is emptied for better results.

Take Care of That Smelly Sink

With frequent use, even the cleanest of sinks will start to stink at some point. The stench is usually a result of bacteria build-up in the outlet pipes. A simple solution for this is to pour a quarter cup of baking soda in the sink basin, then add another cup of vinegar to it.  Allow for the contents to fizz and bubble away, absorbing the foul odor with it. Wait for 10 minutes, then wash it off with clean water. Vinegar and baking soda help kill the germs, leaving the sink and kitchen smelling fresh.

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Rinse All Dishes Before Running the Dishwasher

Your dishwasher, just like the sink, will get clogged if you don’t rinse your dishes well. While a professional cleaner may help do this for you, ask everyone in the office to make a point of rinsing their utensils before running the dishwater.

Keep The Fridge Clean

No one wants to be tasked with cleaning the fridge. That said, Green Clean Office Maintenance can help keep your fridge clean all the time. All you need is to have the fridge cleaned out at least once a month. Just be sure to inform everyone in the office of the scheduled cleanup to remove their items on time. The cleaning experts will then come in to clean, wipe and disinfect the fridge for you.

For all of your commercial and janitorial cleaning needs, contact the pros at Green Clean Office Maintenance!

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