A Full Guide to Cleaning Your Dog-Friendly Office Space

A Dog-Friendly Office Space

Creating a dog-friendly office space can be a very good way to encourage better teamwork and minimize stress within the office. However, dogs are inherently messy. They can carry all kinds of dirt on their paws that can get the office very dirty.

If you have created a dog-friendly office space, you’ll want to ensure you have an equally effective cleaning strategy in place. That way, you can keep your office tidy and clean while experiencing all of the benefits of having a pet-friendly office.

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Clean Everything Right Away

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you are cleaning up after accidents right away. Everything should be cleaned as soon as it happens. Having this policy in place will ensure that your office doesn’t get irremovable stains that could have been avoided. It will also ensure that your rugs don’t soak in odors that can be difficult, if not impossible to get rid of after time. You want to work with those that clean your office building to ensure that all accidents are cleaned as soon as they occur.

Keep the Place Fresh

Another thing that you need to be doing is always keeping the environment fresh. Even when you have the dog(s) in your office, you want to keep windows open and try to spray some natural and environmentally-friendly scents to reduce the odors permeating your office. Having some plants and/or flowers in the area can do wonders for this.

Schedule for Cleaning the Dog’s Accessories

All of the things that the office dog is using or wearing are bound to smell. Because of this, you want to have these things sanitized and cleaned regularly. This includes any dog beds, toys, or towels that they use. By cleaning these things routinely, you can keep them from stinking up the place.

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Vacuum Often

Another good thing you need to do when you are looking to maintain a dog-friendly office would be to vacuum frequently. You need to ensure that you are doing this because dogs can leave behind a lot of dander and hair. You don’t want this to build up as it can accumulate and cause issues with anyone that suffers from allergies. Have the cleaning company that handles your office cleaning routinely vacuum the place to keep it from building up.

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