Are Your Floors Affecting Your Business?

What Condition Are Your Floors In?

A small business owner has numerous responsibilities. He or she needs to change hats every five minutes to take care of a different aspect of the business. With all this work, a small business owner surely doesn’t have time to worry about the floor of their business premises.

Business owners should be focusing on their floors more than they currently do. Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, or office, your customers will be walking in and out of the premises all day long. In fact, they will be bringing everything that they walked through on the street into the building. You have no idea about what is being dragged through the floors in your premises.

People will bring dirt and snow into the floors of your establishment during bad weather conditions. These particles are more visible. But the problem is not what is visible but what isn’t in most cases.

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The Health of Your Employees and Guests

Whenever people walk into your office, all the grime, dirt, and germs are being ground into the floor. The more they accumulate, the more the particulates are kicked up and float through the air – which makes it easy for people to breathe it all in. When you have an office with a lot of sick employees, it affects the productivity of the business.

Reduced Productivity

When your employees are home due to numerous respiratory illnesses, they won’t be productive to your company. On the other hand, working in a visibly dirty area can affect the morale of the employees. It may create a stressful situation for them. When a person is stressed, his/her productivity will drop. No employee likes to work in an organization that is not well maintained.

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Losing More Money

When you are not maintaining the floors regularly, you are doing more damage to the office than you can see. Dirt, grime, germs, and other debris will not only stain the floor of your office but cause physical damage as well in the long run. Rock salt is used during snowy days. When rock salt accumulates on a wooden floor, it will pull moisture out of the floor. This may result in visible damage to the floor over time. Liquids that are dragged across your floors can be acidic. You may have to replace carpets and other flooring materials before they reach their full life span.

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