A Checklist For Spotless Results in Commercial Office Cleaning

Year Round Checklist For The Most Effective Commercial Office Cleaning

A clean office is essential to a productive workforce as it directly affects your employees’ health and happiness. However, if you have a busy workforce, it is difficult to expect your employees to keep their workspace spotless while concentrating on their work at the same time. It is an even bigger challenge to keep every corner and nook spotlessly clean when you have a big office environment. Many owners of commercial and retail properties have discovered the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain the highest standards of a clean and hygienic office space. No one can argue that this is a smart way to go. However, in order to maintain these high standards consistently, it is crucial that you have a comprehensive checklist of the cleaning standards that must be met or exceeded every time.

Here are some suggestions on how you can create a checklist for your regular office cleaning. When you approach this systematically, you will keep your efficiency high and your cost low, with excellent results every time.

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Preparing A Checklist for Commercial Office Cleaning

First, to keep your work areas clean, tidy, and neat all the time, certain cleaning tasks need to be done everyday on a routine basis. Cleaning and sanitization of larger spaces can be done every week or every month, but daily maintenance of smaller areas should be done everyday. These daily tasks include emptying the trash cans, replenishing supplies in the restrooms, etc. Spaces that are high use by everyone can harbor more bacteria that can be passed from person to person. These surfaces can benefit from a daily cleaning.

Here is a checklist of office areas and things that should be cleaned everyday:

– If your office has a reception area, this space must be kept immaculately clean all the time. This is the place where you greet your visitors, and you want to make the first place that they see spotless and welcoming. Carpeting and mats need to be vacuumed and floors should be swept everyday.

– Wipe down surfaces of your office furniture like your chairs, desks, and tables. Use a disinfecting floor cleaner to sanitize your hard floors.

Glass doors magnify dirt easily. especially a front entrance made of glass. Clean all smudges and fingerprints with a non-streak glass cleaner. For the main entry and immediate areas, dust off any unsightly cob webs.

– For restrooms, empty trash bins and line them with a new trash can liner. Replenish toiletries. Sanitize and disinfect all surfaces. Clean and polish mirrors and any glass surfaces.

    – In a break room or kitchen area, empty trash and replace the liner. Scrub and sanitize the sink and immediate areas. Mop and sanitize the floor. Replenish lunch supplies like paper napkins.

The above is a sample checklist of tasks that should be done everyday in your office. Next, create a checklist for weekly commercial office cleaning.

– The weekly tasks should include larger surfaces and appliances like the refrigerator and water cooler.

– The restrooms should go through a more intensive cleaning.

– Hard floors should be polished with a spray cleaner.

– Window sills and blinds should be dusted. Window panes should be cleaned, squeegeed, and polished inside and out.

– Disinfect trash cans and put in new liners.

– Dust other surfaces that can accumulate dust like silk plants, picture frames, shelves, office equipment, etc.

Now that you have created a cleaning schedule for weekly tasks, you can move on to create a checklist of cleaning tasks that should be done every month.

– Thoroughly vacuum the upholstery in your office like your soft chairs and sofas. Vacuum air vents. Books in bookcases can also collect dust, so vacuum those as well.

– Dust all areas in the office, starting with the highest areas, like the top of tall cabinets, to the lowest areas.

The checklists for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning do not include more intensive cleaning that should be done every three months. This is similar to a seasonal cleaning that you would do before summer, autumn and winter.

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A Checklist For Cleaning Commercial Office Space Every Season

The winter season is particularly susceptible to the spread of the flu and other types of infections. Paying close attention in maintaining exceptional hygienic standards in your work environment will be essential in keeping your employees healthy. If standards are lacking, you will see few people in the office because most of them will be ill at home. Here are suggestions for a seasonal cleaning.

Disinfect all surfaces: High-touch areas like tables and common areas need to be disinfected. Hard floors need to be sanitized. Since germs and viruses can be airborne, keep a can of disinfectant spray in your office and spray the air to kill any airborne microbes.

Monitor indoor air quality: A poorly ventilated room recirculates indoor air that is polluted by airborne microbes, dust, etc. That can make the indoor air quality very poor. It is crucial to monitor your indoor air quality closely and thoroughly clean your HVAC system every three months, particularly in the winter season.

Clean the floors: The floor in your office harbors a lot of germs and bacteria because employees and visitors track in dirt and debris from the outside everyday. The dirt gets ground in and bacteria can fester. Your flooring material should go through a deep cleaning. Carpet should be reconditioned, and hard floors sanitized and polished. If you have a tile floor, the tile and grout need to be thoroughly cleaned. This can be done by a professional commercial cleaning service.

Clean spaces that are difficult to reach: Every three months, clean areas that are above your eye level like overhead lights, fans, etc. Look for cobwebs that tend to linger in the corners of rooms. Air ducts should definitely be inspected and cleaned by a professional service.

The suggestions above are just the minimum that should be done which covers the basics. When you hire a commercial office cleaning service such as those from Green Clean Office Maintenance, you will get a checklist that is many times more comprehensive. You will be provided with a set schedule of their daily and weekly cleaning services and a free estimate. Call the cleaning experts right now and get ready to be impressed by smart advice on cleaning and exceptional customer service.

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