Coronavirus & Your Workplace

It has become essential for every business owner, facility manager, and HR department to take the necessary precautions throughout the entire workplace in order to keep everyone from staff members to customers completely safe and healthy from the infectious disease. After all, COVID-19‘s threat is only increasing as it shows no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, there is so much unknown about the disease. Fortunately, we do happen to know enough to effectively disinfect areas and limit the spreading of the disease.

Throughout this article, we will be going over a few tips that you can utilize in order to keep your entire workplace clean, disinfected, and safe from the spread of the virus.

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Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe From COVID-19

Encourage Sick Employees To Stay Home

You need to put proper precautions into place. The first being that any employee that is visibly showing signs of being sick or that feels sick should not enter the premises. You want to actively encourage any employee feeling ‘under-the-weather’ to stay home. If they feel as though they have any respiratory sickness, they should remain home until it is resolved. You want to encourage them to remain home until they have no signs of a fever and no signs of any illness for a minimum of 24 hours without having to use any sort of medication to break their fever.

Perform Disease Remediation

This tip involves thoroughly cleaning your entire building. You want to consistently keep everything throughout your entire building and respective workplace sanitized. However, you can’t just go through the motions to keep things thorough. In order to contain the spreading of this type of disease, attention to detail is a must. You should make it a routine to thoroughly clean everything including desks, floors, walls, counter-tops, door handles, bathrooms, kitchen space, and communal eating areas.

Here at Green Clean Office Maintenance, we always utilize the best available equipment to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning. We use best-in-class electrostatic disinfectant equipment and we leverage other effective traditional cleaning methods in order to provide a complete cleaning solution for any business or building. This type of disinfecting is extremely efficient, and it is cost effective. By combining it with standard cleaning routines and methods, it can be a comprehensive cleaning solution. After all, the use of these machines helps apply sanitizers and disinfectants to various surfaces evenly without having to worry about corners, angles, or shapes of surfaces limiting the proper application of it.

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Encourage Your Employees to Take Necessary Precautions Prior To Traveling

If your staff members will be traveling inside or outside of the country, you want to encourage them to check up on the CDC Traveler’s Health page in order to find the latest information, news, and guidance for traveling. This is especially true if they are traveling to a specific country as the CDC typically has specific guidelines and recommendations for different countries. Likewise, if any of your staff members showcase any signs or symptoms of acute respiratory illness, you want them to notify their supervisors as soon as possible. They shouldn’t travel if they are sick.


There seems to be lots of conflicting opinions and instructions about the use of face masks.  The CDC doesn’t recommend that those who are otherwise healthy wear face masks in order to protect themselves from the disease. Instead, these masks should be primarily worn by those who are sick and showing signs and symptoms in order to prevent the spread of it. They should also be worn by anyone who is working closely with patients in a clinical setting.

Continue To Emphasize The Importance Of Hand Hygiene

You need to continue to make an effort to ensure that your sick employees stay home. Likewise, you want to continue to give them the means to stay healthy and safe during work-time. To do so, you should be providing accessible hand sanitizer throughout your workplace, access to tissues, hands-free trash cans, and more. You want to emphasize everyone should be washing their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and hot water.

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COVID-19 Safety

Once you have given your staff members all of the information needed and provided them with everything, they need to maintain safety during the work hours amid the epidemic, it doesn’t stop there. With so many people in the same place, it can be very difficult to maintain a properly sanitized workplace without professional help. Let Commercial Cleaning Corporation help to maintain a safe and disinfected environment for all of your employees. You can contact us to get started on providing a safe and clean environment for your employees right now.

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