Fall Commercial Cleaning Roadmap

Creating a Commercial Cleaning Plan for the Fall

Commercial cleaners in the Toronto area need to think about the tasks that must be done during all four of the seasons. Autumn weather brings a different set of needs than summer weather. Cooler temperatures, returning from summer staycations and the return of people to the office after Covid-19 alter the things on which cleaners must focus during their regular maintenance rounds. The following are a few key things property managers ought to bear in mind when creating a commercial cleaning plan for the fall.

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Important Considerations for Fall

Leaves and Dirt

When folks enter your buildings, they are more likely to carry leaves and dirt in with them during the fall. Are your entrances receiving greater attention, and are you using some heavy-duty floor mats? Autumn is visually beautiful, but with it often comes rain, wind, dirt, leaves and branches that tend to create a messy entrance way if proper attention is not paid. Speak with your commercial cleaning crew to find out what plans are in place to address this type of scenario.

Spiders Seeking A Home

When temperatures drop, insects such as spiders begin to search for new, warm environments. Cobwebs tend to proliferate during this time of year, so vigilance is definitely required. Ask what the commercial cleaners can do to help before things get out of hand.

Corners are particularly attractive to spiders, and this is where their webs can often be found. Cleaning with greater frequency in these areas can keep things under control.

Go high:  Check ceilings for traces of webs and get rid of them right away. Keeping spiders at bay during the fall will keep things calm during winter as well.

Vacuum often: This is a great way to eliminate insects before they become noticeable to others.

Germs in Wintertime

Is there hand sanitizer strategically placed in your facilities? Fighting the germs of autumn and winter by conducting frequent cleanings and providing sanitizer is a great way to keep flu and cold season manageable in your buildings.

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Speak with your commercial cleaning crew today to start planning your fall cleaning plan. Doing so will allow you and your patrons to enjoy the colors of the season without contending with a mess indoors. Contact Green Clean Office Maintenance & Janitorial to learn more about the services we offer in Toronto.

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