Guidelines For Cleaning Tiles

Cleaning Tiles

Cleaning tiles can be challenging but with a few guidelines the job can be made simple.  Here we discuss a few concepts that we at Green Cleaning examine before we tackle tile.

Step 1: Begin with the essentials

It is possible to sweep most floors, however, it is better to vacuum them, even tile floors. The majority of vacuums have a setting for hard floors. If you don’t have this setting, then it is best to increase the height so that it is on the max setting so that the floor doesn’t get scratched. When you do this, it will make mopping a lot easier since you won’t have to deal with excess dirt left behind from sweeping.

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Step 2: Be knowledgeable about your surface

When it comes to properly cleaning tile floors, you need to know your floor’s tile type. Marble, travertine and other natural stones are quite sensitive, especially to cleaning products. So, it is best that you use products that are meant for the type of tiled floors that you have.

If you have ceramic tile floors, then these are perfect for mopping. You can use any general purpose cleaner on a daily basis. However, ensure that the grout and tile cleaners that you use are manufacturer recommended. Keep in mind that every tile is different, and it is possible for certain tile cleaners to actually make some tiles become dull or damaged.

Step 3: Figure out the dirt

If you have ceramic or porcelain tiles, the next thing you need to determine is the type of dirt that you have to clean off of them. If you have to deal with dirty shower or bathroom tiles, then you’ll likely be dealing with soap scum. This means that you’ll have to get a soap scum remover as well as a brush to take off the soap scum. On the other hand, if you have dirty kitchen tiles, then you will likely need to clean off grime and grease from them. You should use a cleaning product that can cut grease or is a de-greaser. It is possible to use a clean cotton mop for the majority of floors with smooth tiles. If you have tiles that are textured or rough, then you may need to utilize a scrub brush in order to thoroughly clean them. If you have to remove stains or caked on messes, then you may have to get an electric scrubber.

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Step 4: Prevention

Lastly, it is best to prevent getting your floors dirty if possible. If you want your floors to always be clean, then you should make the effort to prevent them from becoming dirty. You can place mats on either side of your door in order to prevent dust and dirt from getting tracked in. However, make sure that you also clean these mats on a regular basis. Also, when you reach the door, take off your shoes by the door and this will help a great deal to keep the dirt contained.

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