How to Keep Your Ceiling Tiles Clean and Dirt Free

What Condition is Your Ceiling In?

You most likely look at what is in front of you, like office clutter, floors, and restroom when it comes to determining whether the office is clean or not. The biggest indicator of cleanliness in an office is the ceiling.

Look up and see your ceiling and see the condition it is in. You should also focus on the corners too.

If you have not been cleaning the ceiling, you will notice cobwebs, dust, dirt, and even some stains.

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Why is it important to clean the ceiling tiles?

It is important to clean the ceiling tiles because it is the same as cleaning the restroom, kitchens, and floor. You should routinely clean your ceiling tiles because;

Cobwebs can build up fast and the office is going to look neglected and dingy.

This is where most of the mechanical systems run; HVAC ducts, wires, and structural elements. You should take care of the ceiling tiles because they can be a potential for unseen fire hazards.

Your office can look dirty when there is dirt and stains on the ceiling. This might also suggest that maintenance issues are being overlooked.

If you clean and maintain the ceiling tiles, they are going to last longer and give a good first impression when clients look at the ceiling.

A clean ceiling is going to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the office. When clients visit your office, they are most likely going to notice the ceiling.

Once you are done assessing the condition of the tiles, it is time to start cleaning your office to make sure everything is clean from the top to bottom.

Ventilation Systems

A well-maintained ventilation system will contribute to your employees’ overall health and your office is going to be clean.

If the ventilation system is not taken care of, it will start collecting dust particles that pick-up static, and this leads to increased chances of them sticking to the ceiling, which makes it dirtier.

You need to replace ventilation filters as recommended, and also remember annual duct cleaning.

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Dusting and Vacuuming Tiles

Start cleaning tiles by using a clean broom. Make sure you pay attention to corners and air ducts.

If you want extra cleaning power, use the extension wand on the vacuum. The dust brush tool is going to help you in cleaning the dust that has accumulated on the supply or return air vents.

Look at the grid system and see if there are any bends. If you find bends, then make sure they have been repaired when checking for leaks.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use a professional hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning product if you are comfortable using a strong enzymatic cleaner.

You are going to see a world of difference if you give the tiles a good scrub especially in spaces like the kitchen where grime ages the tiles faster.

If you don’t know how to use such products, then consider talking to a professional commercial cleaning company so they can do it safely and quickly.

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