Leave The Cleaning to The Professionals

A Clean and Well-Maintained Business

Keeping your office space clean is a vital aspect of running a successful business. After all, how clean and well-maintained your business place is will have a significant impact on the overall reputation and impression of your brand. A clean and tidy office will not only leave a positive impression on your customers, visitors, as well as business partners, but it will also help establish a long-lasting relationship with them. More importantly, a clean and tidy working environment helps to boost employees’ morale resulting in increased productivity.

Did you know that by failing to adequately clean your business place, you risk exposing yourself and your business to a range of liabilities? For instance, it can lead to a rise in health complications and slip and fall injuries. Ensuring the best standards of cleanliness at your firm requires properly trained and equipped personnel.

This is why most companies opt to hire the expert services of commercial cleaners. When you choose to work with a cleaning company, you greatly benefit from their professional-grade equipment and cleaning techniques. What’s more, it helps you to avoid all the costs and hassle of hiring and training in-house staff as well as regularly buying cleaning tools and supplies.

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While you can still choose to clean your business premises yourself, it is important to note that there are some risks involved:

Liability Insurance

If you choose to handle your office cleaning in-house, you will have to meet liability insurance requirements. If the cleaning process is not done correctly or safely, slip and fall injuries are bound to happen. In the event that an employee slips and falls on a wet floor, you will have to settle their medical expenses. And the situation gets even worse if it is a client as you could be exposed to an expensive lawsuit.

However, professional cleaning companies usually carry liability insurance, which provides coverage in the even that anyone is harmed, which protects you from legal liability.

Overhead Costs

At first glance, an in-house janitorial services team might seem like a viable option. But when you take into account the combined costs of wages, benefits, and buying and storing the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment, this option becomes less and less appealing.

On the other hand, when you retain the services of an expert cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about paying your contracted cleaning team. The company will take care of the cleaning crew’s salary, insurance fees, as well as the cost of supplies and equipment.

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Reduced Employee Productivity

What most people fail to realize is that janitorial work requires the regular training of the cleaning team. Most companies that use in-house cleaning janitors normally don’t have a dedicated janitorial department to handle these training needs. This can interfere with the optimal flow of your business’ daily routine operations.

When staff members are also required to handle secondary tasks such as cleaning, it increases their stress levels and makes it harder for them to complete their duties on time leading to lower employee productivity. But you can avoid all this by outsourcing your office cleaning services to an expert cleaning company with professionally trained cleaning professionals who have the capability to execute office cleaning properly and efficiently.

OSHA Compliance

As per the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirements, all workplaces should be free of any known health and safety hazards. If you choose to manage your office cleaning on your own, you will need to ensure that you are fully in compliance with the OSHA guidelines.

Commercial cleaning is a specialized job that requires a proper understanding of complex regulations. Thus, it is in your best interests to ensure that this work is completed by qualified and experienced office cleaners who are updated on all health and safety regulations.

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