Modern Vs. Old-Fashioned Cleaning Methods

The Evolution of Commercial Cleaning Methods

Things and dynamics change as time lapses, and cleaning methods are no different. Even if most people still think highly of manual cleaning techniques, technological advancements have massively improved/affected cleaning methods as we know it. Even though the objective is to do away with grime, dirt, and dust, cleaning techniques have evolved, particularly in the commercial sector, hence more efficient and effective.

However, you should note that the latest cleaning methods haven’t completely phased out traditional cleaning habits. Many of the cleaning approaches used centuries ago are still effective, pertinent, and practiced till now. A perfect example is cleaning tough stains and dissolving grease using hot water. To put it differently, modern technology has only made these tasks that more efficient. Below is an overview and contrast between old-fashioned and modern cleaning techniques and how these techniques have changed over time.

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Floor Cleaning: Now and Then

Cleaning floors using old-fashioned methods mainly entailed:

– Using a broom or mop to do away with dirt, dust, and other debris

– Scrubbing where affected to take out deeply ingrained dirt

– Using a wet mop for cleaning dirt residue traces

– Using a mop or dry cloth to dry the floor

Even though this may be contingent on the type of flooring used, the cleaning would also entail waxing or polishing the floor to safeguard it from external elements and regain its appeal.

Cleaning floors using modern techniques is almost identical, with the only distinction being that you’ll use motorized/mechanized cleaning apparatus. Brooms and dust mops have now been replaced with vacuum cleaners. There is a wide selection of vacuum cleaners types and designs available, from stick vacuums, to robot vacuums, and backpack vacuums. It is important to bear in mind that contemporary vacuum cleaners are affixed with high-end filtration systems that can trap event the tiniest allergens and dirt. This significantly decreases the risk of dust and allergens recirculating. The pricier vacuum cleaners are affixed with HEPA filters to enhance performance.

Mops have retained their relevance up to date. Nevertheless, antiquated cloth mops have undergone considerable upgrades with microfiber mops coming to the fold. Microfiber material is effective when it comes to holding water and collecting loose dirt. In contrast to cloth mops that last for a couple days or weeks, a microfiber mop can go for years if cared for properly.

Cleaning with Soap: Then and Now

Detergents and soaps have been in existence for several years now. Even though these products have stayed unaltered for some time now, modern detergents and soaps are available in different varieties and types, spanning from eco-friendly and organic options. Eco-friendly soap products have shown to be kind on the hands and also safe for the ecology. With that being said, it’s time to distinguish between soaps and detergents. Detergents, for instance, mainly consists of synthetic chemicals, whilst soaps are constituted from natural ingredients, e.g., plant oils and acids derived from animal fats. Having said that, it is not surprising to see detergents purported as ‘natural’ while it is not all-organic and contains some chemical elements. On the other hand, greener products are free of parabens, triclosan, ammonia, and phthalate.

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Cleaning Surfaces: Now Vs. Then

Surfaces constitute the biggest portion of disease transmission mediums, a factor that necessitates you to ensure these surfaces are clean. Additionally, a clean surface looks good compared to when it is dirty or dusty. These are among the reasons you should keep lift rails, tables, and countertops clean. In the past, cotton cloth was the preferred medium to dust, wash, polish, and clean surfaces. These days, microfiber cloth is at the epicentre due to its efficiency. Many individuals, however, use different cloths for various surfaces to decrease the chances of cross-contamination.

Some things like polishing and disinfecting haven’t altered over the years. And though there are numerous green products one can select from these days, many individuals still utilize cotton clothes to polish and disinfect their surfaces. This is largely because cotton can take in the majority of ingredients better without damage, which isn’t the case when dealing with microfiber cloths.

Which Is Better? Modern Vs. Traditional Cleaning Methods/Products

When comparing which is better, both traditional and modern cleaning products/methods are undoubtedly effective in more than one way. Going with the numerous comparisons made, it is apparent that some old-fashioned techniques are still effective and are applicable to date. The fact that the majority of traditional cleaning tactics and products have withstood the test of time is why many individuals with cleaning needs still apply them.

It is important to note that contemporary cleaning techniques/methods offer the convenience we require these days. They are more cost-effective and way safer in the long haul. With that out of the way, we can confidently say that a cleaning product/method is considered effective or successful so long as it proves to be effective. However, many individuals will be lured to utilize more feasible cleaning techniques, particularly those that need little effort for better or the same outcome. The whole concept here is finding what works for you. Even though old-fashioned cleaning tactics may appear satisfactory, you can still change to modern cleaning techniques for improved efficiency.

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