How A Professional Office Cleaning Company Will Help You to Control The Spread Of Viruses

Did you know that professional office cleaning companies can significantly help to stop the spread of viruses? Each year, many people fall sick due to the flu and other viruses. Companies lose millions of dollars annually when people fall sick and fail to report to work.

How Do Viruses Spread?

According to WebMD, viruses are primarily spread from one individual to another through droplets released when one sneezes or coughs. The droplets from a sick person are transmitted through the air and settle on the noses or mouths of the people around them.

Another way germs are spread is by touching mucus droplets from another person present on surfaces such as desks or doorknobs and then touching your own nose, mouth, or eyes before properly washing your hands. It is important to note that viruses such as the flu can survive for more than 24 hours on metal and plastic surfaces such as cups, doorknobs, and cafeteria tables.

Sadly, there are many other viruses that can be spread easily beside the flu.

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The Transmission of Diseases in An Office Setting Is More Dire Than You Think

Superbugs have become increasingly resistant to antibiotic drugs. In addition, antibiotic-resistant infections are normally spread when an individual touches a contaminated surface then proceeds to touch their nose, eyes, or mouth. This explains why frequent hand-washing and proper cleaning and sanitization of high-touch surfaces is crucial.

Office Environments Are High-Risk Areas for The Spread of Infections

The risk of being infected with diseases is particularly high in facilities where people live or work close to one another.

An increasingly high number of people are opting to not get vaccinated and report to work or go to school when they are ill. Thus, the risk of spreading diseases increases exponentially.

Professional Office Cleaning Solutions

Manual disinfecting techniques have their constraints. Commercial office cleaning company staff who face the pressure of observing particular schedules are likely to miss contaminated surfaces or cut corners when performing their duties due to time constraints.

Technology-Based Solutions for Disinfecting an Office

Through innovative technologies and training programs on how to properly utilize technology, companies are able to get safer and improved coverage in less time than traditional disinfecting techniques. For instance:

Electrostatics are able to cover extensive areas and difficult to reach surfaces faster and more efficiently.

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Non-Tech Based Solutions That Offer More Effective Office Cleaning

While commercial janitorial services technology provides some ideal solutions when it comes to office cleaning, in most cases, what you need is a seasoned cleaning company that makes use of the proper tools and training. The following are some of the things that you need to look out for when looking for the right commercial cleaning company:

– The cleaning staff should be properly trained to spot cleaning areas that might not be given proper attention in regular daily cleanings.

– Key cleaning areas should be given proper attention based on a schedule rather than waiting for dirt to become more noticeable before it is addressed.

– Cleaning and disinfection should be done on a daily basis.

– A deeper and more thorough cleaning should be scheduled regularly.

– The janitorial staff should have scheduled workloads to ensure that they have adequate time to give special attention to areas depending on their judgment.

– Make use of “Green Cleaning” products rather than caustic disinfectants to minimize toxic sanitizing and disinfecting.

– Steer clear of bleach-based cleaning products that can lead to irritation and respiratory complications.

– In case there is a disease outbreak in the office, then it will be crucial to get a special office deep cleaning done as soon as possible. This will significantly help you to curb the spread of illnesses.

– To avoid cross-contamination, you will need to establish a color-coded system.

Professional Office Cleaning Company Provides Safer Alternatives

While it is a fact that people fall sick all the time, hiring the services of a professional cleaning company goes a long way in ensuring that your staff remains safe.

Here at Green Clean Office Maintenance, office cleaning is our specialty. Our company makes use of green cleaning solutions to disinfect and sanitize your office environment. We have over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, and our team of cleaners has numerous years of experience.

To ensure that you get a safe office environment, we are constantly providing our cleaning professionals with training protocols and also equipping them with the latest technologies.

Contact us today to get a free, office cleaning and building maintenance quote from an expert office cleaning company.

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