People that own businesses of all kinds require that their work spaces are always kept clean. It’s often difficult for them to make the time to do this themselves and they require the help of a commercial cleaning service. We are Green Clean Office Maintenance and we have just what is needed for a business to keep any area looking fantastic for their employees and customers at all times.

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer a full line of commercial cleaning services to our clients that are based in the GTA and Toronto area. Our cleaning teams are highly trained in various aspects of commercial cleaning.

Our Reasonably Priced Services

Since our prices are reasonable, clients in all types of industries love what we have to offer them. We use the latest techniques and equipment to complete difficult jobs. Our trained professionals are experts at what they do and they are pleased to assist our customers in every way that they can.

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They know what they are doing and they will keep our customers premises in good order at all times. Our services are completed to the highest quality levels and they include, but are not limited to:

  1. General Office Cleaning
  2. Stripping/Waxing Of Hard Surfaces
  3. Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  4. Industrial Factory & Plant Cleaning
  5. Post Construction Clean-Up
  6. Data Room And Raised Floor Specialty Cleaning
  7. Interior Window Cleaning
  8. High Level And Industrial Cleaning
  9. Special Requests

Having our team of professionals clean our customers businesses is what we take great pride in doing. If there are any questions, we are always available to give prompt attention to the matter and the information that is needed.

Since we treat our customers with the dignity and respect that they deserve at all times, they recommend us on a regular basis to other people that they know.

Reach out to us at Green Clean Office Maintenance today and find out why our existing clients keep coming back year after year.


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