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Physically cleaning can effectively get rid of dirt and germs from various surfaces. Whereas, sanitizing the surfaces can reduce the total number of germs on a surface to safe levels. Full-on disinfecting can completely kill various germs on both surfaces and objects.

In order to prevent both bacteria and germs from spreading in your office, we offer the highest quality on-demand comprehensive commercial disinfection services which include but aren’t limited to full deep cleaning, sanitization, and more.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other enteroviruses are actually related to the common cold virus. Thus, they are capable of spreading through various ways. For one, they can be contracted through close contact, coughing, sneezing, and even by coming into contact with a surface that has been contaminated.

It is always recommended to effectively disinfect your workplace on a regular basis, in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 and everything else that can come from having bacteria, germs, and viruses present within it.

While being proactive is the best course of action, it is especially true if you find one of your staff members has contracted the virus.

What Are The Best Methods Of Disinfection For Your Office?

In order to fully disinfect your workplace, we’ll need to clean everything from the high-contact point areas in the workplace to all of the surfaces within it. A lot of disinfectants are not going to be capable of penetrating the top layer of dirt and grime. Therefore, we’ll need to give everything a thorough cleaning beforehand with specialized solutions.


What Are The Best Products For Workplace Disinfection?

A lot of the disinfection products you will find currently being sold on the marketplace are heavy in harsh chemicals. They use this in order to decontaminate the surfaces. That being said, you have to be fully aware that the chemicals that are used in these products can leave a residue that can often last a long time after their application. These chemicals can negatively impact the quality of air in your business which may cause harm to everyone working in it. We use the safest disinfectants. We look at the product data-sheet in order to ensure we are using the best products.

Are you planning a return after COVID-19? If so, we have the ability to help.

We partner with many businesses in the Toronto area and help them create a safer environment for their workforce and their customers.

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We offer commercial services for businesses with high traffic and for those who provide specialized services to at-risk populations like hospitals and various health clinics.

Infection Prevention and Control

The best form of medicine is prevention. Thus, you want to curb the spread of COVID-19 by investing in a disinfecting service like ours. We can do it while your employees are working remotely or it can be done while they are present.

You want to ensure you are getting comprehensive disinfection services for the best preventative measures. We offer:

  1. Public transportation cleaning services
  2. Hotel cleaning services
  3. Gym cleaning services
  4. Manufacturing cleaning services
  5. Retail and Office cleaning services
  6. Childcare cleaning services.
  7. Senior living cleaning services
  8. Healthcare cleaning services
  9. Dental and Medical cleaning services
  10. Office Cleaning & Janitorial

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