Strip And Wax Floors

Green Clean Office Maintenance is fully committed to providing innovative and high-quality cleaning services for hard floors, which include difficult grout and tile surfaces as well as slip-resistant, high gloss strip and waxing services for Marble, Tile, Concrete, Vinyl floors.

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The flooring surfaces of your facility are subject to a lot of wear and tear and can be damaged easily. Most are protected by several thin coats of wax finish or polymer, to provide a reflective, glossy coating that may be restored or enhanced using mechanical buffing. Over time, the film may wear out. To maintain the top coating as well as the surface of the floor underneath, you need to have hard floor care service from Green Clean Office Maintenance. Whether you utilize our service on a quarterly basis, semi annual, or bi-annual services, we can provide you with the services that you need and when you need them!

Finishing / Stripping and Wax Services

We use deep-penetrating, fast-acting chemicals that loosen and get rid of the old finish and get the floor prepared for re-coating. We can provide you with the greenest services that are available to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Hardwood floor wax demo

After stripping your floor, Green Clean Office Maintenance will apply a polymer-based finish which protects against soils and traffic to make maintenance easier, and offer beauty and shine to your interior decor.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning on a regular basis increases the life and enhances the finish of your floors. If you contract with us to receive cleaning services on a regular basis you can that the strip and wax will be long-lasting. It is always easier to clean a clean floor compared to a dirty one.

Various areas of a facility have various levels of wear and traffic. By combining thorough cleaning with spray buffing or burnishing, you can help to increase the life and appearance of the finish of your floors.

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Our innovative cleaning methods use state of the art technology to handle even the most difficult floors. Our highly trained and experienced experts use the latest products and equipment that are available and may solve commercial cleaning jobs, to leave your floor hygienically clean, slip-resistant, and spotless.

We minimize using high-pressure cleaning since that can damage surfaces, loosen grout, and strip coatings or paint. Instead, we use the best equipment in the industry with unique scrub, dry, and wash technology that uses detergents and 90% less water instead of traditional cleaning methods.

The solutions that we employ work greener through the use of fewer harsh chemicals, less water, and less energy that may damage the environment.

High-quality floor services significantly contribute to your facility’s overall aesthetics, which is often the very first thing that prospective customers will notice. Floors that are properly maintained help to prevent slip and fall accidents to keep your facility safe. A quality floor maintenance program also helps to extends your floor products’ life, which makes it a sound investment.

Give Green Clean Office Maintenance a call today to learn how affordable and easy it can be to have truly clean floors.


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