The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Office Carpets

Avoid Bad Smells and Allergic Reactions

Do you remember when your office’s carpets were last cleaned? It’s highly likely that you probably don’t even remember or even think about cleaning your office’s carpets unless a big mess happens. If you do have a janitorial service or janitor, then your carpets would get vacuumed regularly, however, this isn’t always enough.

As time marches on, your carpet would build up layers of dust, dirt, food crumbs and more. Then, with regular foot traffic, the fibers in your carpet would wear down and this would result in a shorter lifespan over time. When you have dirty carpets, this can cause bad smells and even allergic reactions. It would also create an unclean and unsafe environment for both your customers and employees.


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What is inside of your carpet?

Dust And Dirt

The typical home in the United States collects as much as 40 lbs of dirt and dust every year! This means that offices will definitely collect a lot more. When you vacuum, you only get rid of about 85% of the dust and dirt.

Germs And Bacteria

Are you aware that your carpets are home to many different types of bacteria such as E. coli, norovirus, salmonella, mildew, staphylococcus and much more. It is also possible for many of these to survive for over a month, which is quite troubling.

Food Crumbs

In your office, you will have many employees who eat where they work and this means that your carpets will collect food crumbs, spilled drinks and more. These will cause many serious stains that not only look terrible but will result in bacteria growth and bad smells.

Skin Flakes

Every human sheds approximately 1 million skin flakes every day. So, in your office where there are many people working, you can imagine how many skin flakes are being shed on a daily basis. This alone is compelling enough to get your carpets cleaned asap.


Also, there are many small insects and bugs that live inside your carpets such as fleas, dust mites etc. These bugs would consume the crumbs, skin flakes etc. that fall on your carpets. Unfortunately, dust mites in particular can cause serious allergies due to their waste and molted skin. So, it is imperative that you have your carpets cleaned regularly to prevent these issues.


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It is best to start with vacuuming your carpets regularly via a janitorial service. You should also have all your carpets thoroughly cleaned by professionals at least twice every year. This will not only improve their cleanliness but keep your office looking and smelling great.

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