Top Tips For A Clean And Healthy Shared Office Space

Clean And Healthy

Shared workspaces are slowly becoming more and more the norm, especially after many having had to work from their home offices for at least two years due to the pandemic. While changing the environment from your regular home office to a shared space is something many would want, it can still be challenging. One of the reasons for this is that shared spaces can be a breeding ground for germs. Keeping the shared workspace clean and observing hygiene can, however, help minimize the risk of spreading germs, at the very least.

Keeping the work environment clean and germ-free is a shared responsibility, especially in a co-working environment. This is the only way to minimize the spread of cold, flu, and other infections.

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Below are a few tips and tricks on keeping a shared workspace clean and healthy.

Make a habit of wiping and disinfecting your work area: Pre-covid, simply wiping your computer keyboard and the desk was enough – it isn’t anymore. The first step to keeping the entire shared space clean is to wipe down everything with disinfecting wipes. This means wiping your keyboard, mouse, monitors, trays, work area, and anything around it every morning.

Don’t share stationaries: Sharing pens, rubbers, rulers, and other stationaries is a habit everyone must stop. These items can be breeding and spreading ground for germs, so it would be advisable to avoid sharing. If possible, consider keeping them in a personal bag or locked in a drawer that only you can access. Be sure to sanitize these before using them.

Mind where you put/place your bag/purse: Your bag/purse can pick germs from almost anywhere (cab, bus, train, home, etc.), especially if you have a habit of dropping them anywhere. It would be best if you thus were cautious about how you handle or place the bag at work or while travelling. If possible, keep the bag on you whenever in a cab/bus/train, and place it in a clean and sanitized area at work or home.

Clear coffee mugs and water bottles: A co-worker or even you might forget a coffee mug or water bottle on the desk when leaving for home. Consider clearing the hared work spacedesk if/when this happens to avoid spreading germs. Disinfect the area before leaving as well. This ought to be a shared responsibility.

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Wipe your cell phone daily: Mobile phones are a crucial part of remote work, especially when you have to make many calls. They thus can be a magnet for germs, a reason you should consider sanitizing them whenever possible.

Sanitize your laptop, notebooks, and pens: Make a habit of wiping down and sanitizing your pens, notebooks, and laptops at the close of the day, before leaving the work area. Some of these devices are germ-magnets, hence ought to be kept clean at all times.

Have the office cleaned professionally: While you might be doing your part to keep the office clean, some parts/areas won’t get that much attention. A professional cleaner can help handle these to ensure every inch of the office is clean and germ-free.

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