Top Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean In Between Cleanings 

Maximizing the benefits of your regular office cleanings…

At Green Cleaning, we know how important it is to keep your office clean and tidy. For this reason, we have a team of perfectionists ready to lend a hand in case your office cleaning needs some professional attention.

In addition to our expertise and passion for excellence, we also offer our considerable skills and experience in maintaining cleanliness and clarity. Here are some tips for maximizing the benefits of your regular office cleanings.

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Remove Clutter

Clutter is one of the first disasters to make an appearance but is also the easiest to address. Take a moment, whenever you have one, to grab the few items that are out of place and return them to where they belong. Regularly decluttering your office improves efficiency and can eliminate the dirt, dust, and debris that tends to collect in cluttered areas.

Have A Designated Eating Area

It was discovered that 39% of employees make a habit of eating their meals at their desks, in a study performed in 2012. While eating anywhere else may seem like an unnecessary waste of effort, having a designated eating area can allow your employees to be more productive in their work. Designate specific areas for eating and storing foods.

Empty Trash Cans

It seems like a lot of work but taking a few minutes to empty the trash cans can help you maintain a cleaner and neater area. This is an especially important practice if you see that your employees are placing food items in the trash that can breed bacteria. This can lead to a healthier workplace.

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Taking the time to set some organization in your workplace can make your employees feel better and work better too. Consider improving the storage locations for items that get used more frequently. Pen holders, drawers, and office cabinets, as well as other storage solutions, can all help to improve aesthetics and daily process. No more time will be wasted on unimportant items

Maintain Electronics

Make sure you have plenty of microfiber cloths on hand to keep things sanitized, dusted, and hygienic. After you have wiped down and sanitized a surface, a little compressed air can help to complete the cleaning.

Check the Restrooms

There is no need to get into a deep cleaning to keep your restrooms in perfect order. Just rinse out the sinks, pick up debris, and run a dry cloth over the counters. Small details like this prevent the spread of germs and can keep your staff healthier and happier.

Tidy the Break Room

Break rooms are the most visited areas of your home and office. When you keep the break room clean and organized, it keeps the entire office at a higher level of cleanliness and organization. A little sanitation can help to keep this high-traffic room free from germs and bacteria that can cause disease.

Seek Out a Cleaning Company

A good cleaning company will provide your office with a level of cleanliness that remains. With the smallest effort in the practices mentioned above, your office can be kept clean and organized most of the time. The benefits are bountiful too. Clean offices make your employees healthier and happier and can keep your staff from failing in their performance due to health conditions.

At Green Cleaning we have many years of providing excellent cleaning services in Toronto. Count on our team of perfectionists to consistently deliver the highest standards of cleanliness to suit the needs of your office.

Give Green Clean Office Maintenance a call today and we can discuss a cleaning plan that suits the needs of your office perfectly.

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