Why Professional Office Cleaning in Winter Is so Important

The North American winter is known to pose extreme conditions. That is why you should hire a professional office cleaning service during this season especially. Customers and staff drag a lot of snow and slush from outside. As a result, carpeted areas easily become wet and dirty within a short period. To make matters worse, residual salt accumulates around the working area. Maintaining a clean office is not an easy task, but professional office cleaning can make the difference.

snowy covered office enterance

Control the condition of your office

You can easily control the condition of your office with the help of professional cleaners. Furthermore, these professionals will make sure that your office is free from salt deposits as well as water puddles and melting snow. Moreover, you also need to acknowledge the fact that each office has its cleaning priorities, but they all have some common needs – such as regular cleaning.

Certain cleaning services are even more important during winter such as mat cleaning service. Mat service is for cleaning mats that are placed at the entry point as well as at the delivery area and the employee entrances. Mats usually collect a lot of dirt including salt and snow. The best way of cleaning such mats is by using a mat system, which helps to reduce debris.

Winter is also known to breed health issues such as flus and colds – because of such illnesses, germs are easily spread from one section of the office to the other. Making sure that you hire regular office cleaning services can help prevent the spreading of germs that are caused by flu and colds. Besides getting rid of germs, you will also make sure that your staff members are working in a clean and healthy environment.  Below are a few germ facts that might surprise you …

A keyboard accumulates most of the germs and viruses in an office setting

Not all viruses die instantly when exposed some survive for 24hrs or longer

 Office furniture that is not cleaned regularly is often dirtier than a common toilet seat

That are just a few of the reasons why germs spread so easily and fast around the office – if cleaning is not maintained, these germs are transferred from one desk to another increasing the risk of causing more illnesses. However, by maintaining office cleanliness during winters, such cases can easily be prevented.

industrial mats

 Get Rid of Winter Salt Which Can Cause Damage to Your Floor

Winter salt is known to cause damage to office floors – it does not matter whether it is snow melting chemicals or rock salt, such substances can damage the office floor if not removed. Salt can damage the floor polish as well as office carpets. That is why it is important that you properly clean all the areas around the office including under the desk to remove salt and other debris.

During winter, boots and other footwear carry a lot of dirt which ends up on the office floor. Salt debris causes other problems such as marking of the office floor. It does not matter which floor material is installed; salt debris leaves a lot of marks behind when stepped on. However, with the help of regular cleaning services, such problems can easily be prevented.

Boost the Companies Morale by Creating A Cleaning Working Environment

By cleaning your office during winter, you can be sure that your staff members will be working in a clean environment. This will help get rid of allergens and germs that cause allergies and other health issues. Furthermore, a clean environment will promote better health for all your workers.

According to industry surveys, professional office cleaning helps to control allergens that are spread by heating systems from one area to another. This helps to promote the circulation of fresh air.

Professional office cleaning companies remove trash and do vacuuming as a general rule. They also dust office areas and ensure washrooms are thoroughly cleaned.

It doesn’t matter which season it is, whether summer or winter, what matters most is that you create a clean working environment for all your staff.

Furthermore, maintaining a clean working environment will help you attract more customers, the ultimate goal of any good business owner.

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